Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Am I Kidding?

Over the last several weeks months, I have collected these bottles of wine. 

I started keeping them because a while back I saw a project on The Elephant's Trunk called a Wine Label Plate.  It is such a cute idea and I fell in love with it. 

How cute is that?  So, this week Scott walked by the wine shelf and asked, "Are you keeping these for a reason?"  Let's face it, I am NEVER going to actually sit down and make this plate.  I don't know when I will realize I am more of a see it, buy it kind-of-girl instead of a see it, make it kind-of-girl.

P.S. Stay tuned this week.  I am going to follow in Clover Lane's lead and I am going to attempt to get rid of 40 bags of "trash" in 40 days.  I'm going through every room in my house.  Some days may  bring out more bags than others so I won't necessarily do one bag each day.


  1. haha I'm a buy it girl too. That plate is a good excuse to polish off a few bottles of wine and to try ones with cute labels. ;) I can't wait to see how your 40 days of trash goes. I am so into that! My house is a mess.

  2. LOVE that plate. And I need to do the 40 bags of trash too. Sad, considering there are NO kids in my house.

  3. nice party collection I like this brand wine.