Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So, All I Wanted To Do Was Clean My House

As you might know I have been really excited to start cleaning my house in the 40 Bags in 40 Days.  Yeah, Yeah, I know I didn't have to wait until Ash Wednesday to start really cleaning the house but I guess the thought of purging my house during Lent and starting anew on Easter seemed like it had extra meaning to it.  Call me weird.

So this morning I hopped out of bed, got Kanin off to school, drank some coffee, grabbed the babies and headed off upstairs to start in the master bathroom.  Now on a normal morning Caleb and Gracie could care less what I was doing.  If Dora or Bubble Guppies are on then it is as if I don't exist; however, on this morning I suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world.

From Gracie:
"Why are you cleaning that bathtub?"
"Why did you dump all of this stuff in the floor."
"Don't throw away your make-up."

From Caleb:
"Cup.  Cup." (The cup that I use when they take a bath)
"Bath" (As I am cleaning the bathtub and he is trying to take off his clothes)

From Me:
"Why can't these kids just leave me alone for 10 minutes so I can clean?"
"You guys get into that playroom THIS MINUTE!!"
"Caleb, DO NOT put your hands in the toilet!!"

I realized (again) why I don't clean more often.  Who can get anything done around here.  Oh well, every little bit helps so I am determined to move on to the kitchen tomorrow.

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  1. I have totally been in your shoes before! Little things will buy you some time, for example handing them something and telling them to take it to the garbage for mommy. Or letting them amuse themselves playing with something you are going to throw out. Sometimes that keeps them quiet for a while! Good luck!

  2. Hey the blog looks awesome! I hear you on the cleaning, I can't get anything done with my kids around! I fantasize about someone taking them for a weekend so I can just tear into my house!