Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black for Easter?

I went out today to get the kids' Easter outfits.  For those of you who are new to the blog, you probably don't know that for holidays, especially Easter and Christmas, I coordinate our whole family.  The first year I found Gracie's dress first but since having 2 boys, and everyone knows boys' section are about 1/4 size as the girls', I now find the boys' outfits first and then find a dress for Grace to match.  Scott and I then scurry around, usually on the Saturday before Easter, trying to find our outfits. 





BTW . . . Thanks, Friends, for telling me how horrible my hair looked last year!!  LOL

As you can see from all of the pics that I normally think of Easter has Springy, beautiful colors.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a ton of black Easter dresses.  I mean, I could understand black Christmas dresses but Easter?  It just isn't the first color that jumps in to my mind when I think of Easter.

What do you guys think?  Do you coordinate your kids/family?  Do you buys new Easter outfits?

**Note:  Here are our outfits for this year.  I don't think I explained it very well.

Grace's dress is navy blue.


  1. We would so be friends in real life! ;) I love to coordinate, especially my boys. It is harder for me to find stuff for Cody and I to match them with but when I can I do.
    Your choices for this year are perfect!! Love them!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. This is the big question in our house. I am getting the girls dresses made by my mom. I usually pick whatever design out I want them match up the boys from there. Sammy is a bit of a challenge since he does not like buttons and is all boy. I have tried to lay back a bit on him. Now the girls are getting a little older and their taste are changing. We were thinking of a sailor type theme this year. I guess I should get moving on this. I could see Lucy in a cute little sailor hat. This would make life very easy for Sammy w/ navy blue shorts and some type of top. Now I am not sure I can get Jeff to coordinate but if I bought him a new tie he would be in. He loves his ties.
    Cute outfits!

  3. When I buy Christmas outfits for the kids, I definitely coordinate them. For us it is easier to find something to go with them, but I don't try to, I just wear whatever. But then we only do a Holiday card of the kids.
    I still buy my daughter's dress first and then find soemthing for my son.