Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will You Be Watching?

I will!  I am planning on getting up at 4am to watch and I most certainly will be DVR'ing it just in case I fall asleep.  Isn't there something truly romantic and fairytail-ish about a normal common girl marrying a Prince and not just any Prince but the Prince that will be King someday.  I was watching show about William and Kate and they said that Kate used to have posters of William on her wall back when she was in her early teens.  How cool is that?

I distinctly remember being 7-years-old and being glued to the TV when Prince Charles married Diana.   

I remember thinking that that was a real Prince and Princess and what little girl doesn't dream of growing up to be a princess.

Will you be watching?


  1. I will watch just to see her dress, but I think that everyone is making a very big deal out of this. I don't even know how they can call it the wedding of the century! How do we know, most of us will not be alive by the end of the century!
    They look just like any normal couple getting married--kings, queens, princes and princesses are not the same as they used to be :)

  2. Uggg, do I have to?!? Haha, guess my royal wedding fever turned into a downright flu. It will at least be on 'normal' time here. So might as well tune in, right?! :) And yes, every little girl dreams of being a princess. Or every 26 year old girl, whatever, lol

  3. I won't be watching. lol

    When it is? I know at 4 am, but when? We don't have t.v. (but I'm not snobby about that... lol)

  4. Nope, I will not be watching...but I hope you enjoy it!