Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Today I am participating in Top 2 Tuesday.  The topic is Top 2 Songs on your Ipod. 

To be honest, the only time I listen to my iPod is when I am running so here are my Top 2 3 running songs right now.  These are the songs that I love to listen to when I am gassed.  My iPod is usually on Shuffle when I run and I always get annoyed when these three songs come on too soon.  I need them to get me over the edge.

Flo Rida featuring T-Pain "Low"
Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain (maybe it's a theme-LOL) "Blame It"

Tina Turner "The Best"


  1. Those T-Pain songs are the best songs to work out to!

  2. Haha I love Jamie Foxx! You made me hungry talking about Blues City Cafe;)

  3. those first two are on my ipod too! And i only listen while running :) Ha! I've jazzed up the playlist recently, and those added were Pink-sober, katy perry-E.T, lady gaga-born this way, and Usher-More

    those songs PUMP me up!!!

  4. I love these!!! Great picks!

  5. I love THE BEST...one of my favorite songs when I teach SPIN classes. One of my husband's teams used it in a montage video when they retired his jersey.....I run to hip hop also...but don't really listen to it much...except on the pole!