Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Confessional

Friday Confessional
I confess . . . that I have not been very nice to my family this week.  Blame it on PMS, blame it on stress, blame it on the full moon.  I don't know but they have really been on my nerves this week.
I confess . . . related to my first confession, my children are on my last nerve.  They can't look at each other without getting in an argument and I am so sick of hearing that crap all of the time.
I confess . . . that I really would love to just get away for a couple of days.
I confess . . . that I am excited to watch the Royal Wedding.  I will probably get up at 4am to watch it and I will be DVR'ing it, too.
I confess . . . that the government and taxes have been a major cause of stress around here.  Paying 33% of your taxable income just doesn't seem fair.
I confess . . . that I've fallen a bit from the eating healthy wagon.  Spring/Summer grilling gets me every year.
I confess . . . that going through the basement and trying to figure out what to keep from my high school and college days sends me into a bit of a panic attack.  I am scared, though, because I can honestly see myself being a hoarder when I am older and I don't want to put that burden on my children.
I confess . . .that thoughts of a baby have entered my mind a couple of times this week but, I know that I am done.  I think I'm just missing getting all of the snuggles.
 I confess . . . that my children hurt my feelings pretty easily and pretty often.  I'm the one that is with them all of the time, cooks the food, does the laundry, etc and Scott is the one that gets all of the hugs and attention.
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  1. I'm super excited about the Royal Wedding. I took Friday off from work so that I can get up at 3am to watch!

    I appreciate your last comment because I know sometimes I hurt my mom's feelings (but sometimes she hurts mine) and I need to stop by and say hello and check up on her today, since we got into it last weekend.

    Hope your kids settle down a little bit so you can enjoy the weekend!

  2. yup same thing here, yelled a few times this week, not sure why, must be that last nerve thing. my son is good at finding it and poking it

    Thanks for sharing

  3. My kids are masters at finding the one thing that will send me over the edge and then doing it repeatedly.
    We had a clean out session a few weeks ago and I got rid of a lot of stuff left over from my childhood. My mom saved it for me and I just stuck it in the attic, thinking about saving it for a future daughter--yeah, I have tow boys and that's it, so time for that stuff to go.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I feel like that all the time! I'm over here doing everything that needs to get done while the husband plays and doesn't EVER discipline so of course he's the fun parent that everyone loves and wants to be with! It's not fair!! I'm gonna have to start bribing mine! :)

  5. I have the opposite problem with the healthy eating wagon. I do pretty well during the spring/summer because of all the fresh's the holiday food that makes me fall.

    Despite the kids driving you bonkners, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend.

  6. April - Gosh I can relate to you in so many ways here - even though I don't have any children, it seems like EVERYONE around me is out to PISS ME OFF!!!! Ugh, remember that the warm weather and sunny skies are on their way! Take care lady!! xox =)

  7. Did I write this in my sleep and not know it? lol

    This sounds so much like my confessional list :)