Friday, April 8, 2011

It Was 80+ Degrees Today, So . . .

we played outside!

Caleb is following in Brother's footsteps and loves hockey.  I hope one day he will love baseball.  I feel like I have to have at least one baseball player in the family.  LOL


  1. What a beautiful day! And I see he is a lefty shooter. I can't remember if you oldest is also a lefty shooter.
    You might already know this, but what a lot of the guys do for the little ones, is they take any old broken stick (broken on the shaft part) and saw it and file it down and it is the perfect size for kiddos. Just in case there are any old ones laying around :) Although, for his size, he is dangling pretty darn good! haha. Cute photos.

  2. He looks like a little surfer! Such a cutie pie. :)