Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who Is That Guy?

Yesterday Kanin was home from school.  He had had a fever of 100.1 the day before and had to stay home for 24 hours.  It was nothing and I think they just caught his temp at the right time.  Anyway, knowing that he wasn't sick, I decided to go look for Easter outfits

So while eating breakfast I announced that we were going to the mall for to look for something to wear for Easter, Kanin asked me, "Is the Easter Bunny real or do the parents just hide the eggs?"

Ugh, I HATE these types of conversations.

"Well,"  I said, "the Easter Bunny doesn't hide our eggs.  Remember, Alissa usually goes and hides them for you."

Whew.  Got out of that one.

"Well," he asked, "then what does the Easter Bunny do?"

"He just brings you the baskets with candy.  Ok, hurry up and eat."  (aka change the subject.  Next, will be Santa Claus!!)

You see, the Easter Bunny was never a big deal in my family growing up.  I think I might have gotten my picture taken once maybe twice with it.  My parents never really talked about the Easter Bunny and we always knew that they were the ones that bought our baskets.  We dyed and hid eggs (over and over and over) so we knew that the Easter Bunny wasn't involved in any of that, either.  We really just didn't think a lot about him.

I guess I have passed that on to my kids.  When we got to the mall and walked passed the Easter Bunny picture-taking area, Gracie said in a very loud voice,

"Hey, who's that guy?  Who is that guy?  That guy right there in that bunny costume?"

Scott and I just kind of laughed and hurried her along. 

Does your family do the Easter Bunny? 

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  1. Ha! I'm lucky that my kids are still too little to really grill me on stuff. Nate asks a lot of questions but he still believes. We do the bunny but like you, he only brings a basket, he doesn't hide the eggs. :)