Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help, I'm a Hoarder: High School Stuff

What you are about to see is embarrassing and a little sick. 

In my attempt to clean up this house, every so often I go down into the basement and go through boxes.  I found 2 boxes of junk wonderful high school memories and I don't know what to do with them.

I loved high school.  You have to understand, though, I went to a tiny, tiny school.  There were less than 500 people in my town, probably about 150 kids kindergarten through 12th grade, and I graduated with 18.  To say that we were close is an understatement.  Everyone knew you, your parents, your grandparents, your cousins, etc.  

For the most part, I would say there were no major cliques (besides the normal girl/girl drama), everyone hung out with each other, we hung out with all of the kids from the other little towns around us, too.  It was just a very fun and memorable time in my life.  

I guess I've always been sentimental, as well, and I want to remember all of the big things in my life . . . which is probably the biggest reason that I even started this blog.  I've always documented things, kept concert tickets and musical programs, took lots of pictures, ticket stubs from Kanin's first plane ride, ticket stubs to Caleb's first baseball game--you know, things that I'll be able to look back on in life. 

I guess this started a long time ago in school.  I have decorations from every, single school dance that I ever attended.  In my mind I can justify it but when I actually look at all of the stuff I have, I know that it is just junk and just a little weird.  It's not like my kids are going to say, "Wow, that's really cool, Mom.  You have a stem from a rose from 45 years ago that some guy gave to you at a dance."
But, I guess in my mind I thought it would be a way for me to remember all of those good, sweet, innocent times.  I kind of feel like throwing them away is throwing away a part of myself
(I told you that it is CRAZY!)
but, at the same time, I haven't even looked at the stuff in almost 20 years and it is taking up space in a basement that desperately needs to be organized. 

Obviously, I will always keep yearbooks, trophies, etc but what about these other little memories . . . and remember, there are at least 2 full boxes of this type of stuff.

Should I get rid of this stuff?  Would you?  What have you kept from your high school days?


  1. aww that's too cute! I keep weird sentimental stuff too and I always justify it by saying I'm giong to put it in a scrapbook then never do. The best way I clear out the clutter is to just pitch everything. The whole box or bag in one swoop gone. Then you never worry about what you could be losing because you don't know it's even there! :)

  2. Ha! Keep the little cards and toss the balloons and dead flowers! Put the little notes in a small album or something. Maybe write on the back what came with it? I did that and it makes a nice little keepsake to go through. I've to ticket stubs, drawings, notes from friends etc. Or the other option is to get a photo box and keep everything loose in there. But the key is getting rid of the "junk" :) Good luck and have fun reminiscing!

  3. I don't think you're crazy, but I certainly understand the feeling of needing to pare down. Maybe just get one Rubbermaid bin and keep only what will fit in it. Get rid of the rest. And you know what, your kids and grandkids probably will think it's really cool to have some of your mementos some day. I have my grandmother's algebra text book from the 1930s; it has her doodles and notes in it and I consider it a treasure.

  4. I can't bring my self to get rid of a lot of my high school stuff, like letters and pictures and a bunch of ramdom stuff!