Friday, April 15, 2011

Writer's Club

Today I saw that Living at the Whitehead Zoo had posted a writing prompt and her answer from Mom's Tree House and I figured that I would play along.

There were 4 writing prompts offered:
#1 Interview your child/children, asking them the following; (please feel free to add your own questions to the interview)

What are mommies for?

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

What is one thing you hate and why?

#2 Sibling Rivalry-Describe why you love your sister/brother but cannot get along with them.

#3- If you could live in another time, another era of history, when would it be? Why?

#4- Summer is coming! Share your favorite quick outdoor food recipe!

#1 -What are Mommies for?
Gracie (age 3)
Me-"What do Mommies do?"
"They work out.  Oh, and they work on the computer.  They work out and they work on the computer."
(Pretty much sums that up, huh?  LOL)

Kanin (age 7)
"For protect you and make sure you don't get in the street and they love you forever and ever and they are like your best friend.
(Does your heart not just melt when you read this?)

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?
Gracie (age 3)
"I don't know."

Kanin (age 7)
"A hockey player and a soccer player because I like this sports and I like playing it.  It's fun to do."
(I really hope that he achieves this since he has wanted to be a hockey player since he was little bitty.)

What do you hate and why?
Gracie (age 3)
"It is not nice to hate.  We aren't supposed to hate."
(I guess she IS listening)

Kanin (age 7)
"I hate this cheese chicken because its greasy chicken with cheese on it."
(Do you think that this is a hint NOT to make a chicken/cheese dish??)

Well, there you go.  Some honest answers.

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