Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help, I'm a Hoarder: Newspapers

While going through the basement, I found tons and tons of newspapers.  Now, I don't mean newspaper in which I was featured for this accomplishment or that one. 

I mean newspapers covering world events.  I don't know if I thought they would be worth something someday or if I wanted to be able to remember the events.  Remember, this was before the internet (yes, I am that old) and back when we got our information through TV, radio, and newspaper.  The internet was in its very early stages when I was about a junior in college.

You would think that I am a Royal Chaser with all of these papers.

Death of President Ronald Regan

Losing to Boston in 2004

Mark McGwire


The Pope dying. 

Would you keep any of these?  Do you buy newspapers after major events in history?  I have a lot more, too, I just pulled the first bag out and started snapping pics.

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  4. wow, those are some interesting events through newspapers! Don't think that makes you a full-blown hoarder just yet :)

    You should see what you can make out of all of those memorable headlines! I think its pretty neat! like a collage print...I'm totally not creative, so don't ask me!!!

  5. I don't keep newspapers, but I'm sure I know people who do. My granny used to stuff newspapers under the cushion in her chair. She was real hoarder though. Going through her attic was like going through a garage sale. I think my parents said when they were cleaning our her apartment, they found over 50 pairs of scissors. I don't think you're quite to "hoarding" yet. I would keep the newspapers. I'm sure you could come up with some creative way of saving them. Have a great Thursday!

  6. A suggestion. Find the headlines and save them on a blog. Then you will have them without clutter. I did this with my Bible studies I had printed out and put in notebooks. I had 50 notebooks. I tossed them after I found you could just make a blog for them. I use word press for that. I like your blog. I watch hoarders on TV. Doylene

  7. Hi, Im a new follower from the hop. I think I may be a bit of a hoarder also, I can't throw away the mailings that come everyday. You know the value coupons, the grocery ads, I still have boxes and boxes of them from previous years. I'm going to start cleaning that out this week. Anyway, hope you'll visit!


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  9. O, man! I could do a post just like this... lol... but my hubby is the newspaper hoarder in our family!
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  11. I am a magazine hoarder! I love my mags! But no, I would not keep newspapers! Maybe if newspapers were glossy!

  12. Hi all, Yes you should keep your old Newspaper's.
    I love my Newspaper's very much, also I love buying Magazine's.I also have ton's of Newspaper's,I even have a storage place what I pay each month to keep my Newspaper's as I also have My bedroom which has stack's of great Newspaper's.
    I also have the trouble of throwing them in the recycle bin, I get upset even when my partner try's to help me. I get very attached to my Newspaper's. I love buying my Fresh copies of my Newspaper's each morning. As I love my big broadsheet Newspaper's and the Tabloid's as I live in Melbourne Australia.
    I love the freshness of my Newspaper's as well as the News print smell.
    I also love the same thing's about my Magazine's as well as the Magazine's are glossy and shiny, though my Newspaper's are sort of the same as it is the paper and the Newspaper ink that it's made from...!
    One I have my Newspaper's I take good care of them as I keep them in good condition etc.
    I have a big Newspaper fetish
    I also think as well that in time that mine and your Newspaper's will be worth some thing in time when or maybe,Newspaper's will not be around any more, as I don't like it as thing as happening on computer's these days.
    I have been collecting my Newspaper's since the year 2001, I am 34 years of age and I don't think that will ever stop liking my Newspaper's.