Friday, September 23, 2011

Where's Cha Cha?

Do you watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network?  I watched the first season and this Sunday night is the finale of the second season.  After seeing the awesome food that these trucks can put out, I started to look for food trucks in St. Louis and I was surprised to see that there are quite a few.

Once I found all of these food trucks, an obsession started.  Since I live out in the suburbs I haven't been able to actually be in the same location as these trucks during their day-to-day stops but I still check everyday on Twitter just waiting to see where they are.
One truck, in particular, really caught my attention with its menu a while back and I have followed and Tweeted them ever since.  

Well, today was my lucky day because the Where's Cha Cha? truck was at a private event and it was literally 2.8 miles from my house.  I hadn't checked Twitter in a bit so when I got a Tweet from my friend, Kevin, telling me that Where's Cha Cha? was right by my house I was ecstatic.  I threw the kids in the car and off I went.

When I walked up to the truck, I introduced myself and to my surprise they recognized me from Twitter.  LOL  I was literally jumping up and down for joy that I was finally going to be able to eat some of their amazing food.

Here was the menu today.

Today's special was a Shrimp Tostada and I ordered a side of fiesta Corn Salad.  It was so fantastic.  I can't even tell you how good  Cha Cha sauce is.  There is a hint of spice and a hint of smokey and a whole lot of flavor.  The Fiesta Corn Salad is a cold salad with cilantro, pepper, and seasonings.  Both were outstanding!

I also got the Beef Spare Rib taco and they threw in some french fries for Caleb and Grace.  This meat was so tender paired with the crunchiness of the Cilantro-Lime.  I loved this, too!  These fries were sprinkled with seasoned salt and cumin and I'm sure some other spices, too, and they were awesome. 

When I heard that Where's Cha Cha? was out by our house, I immediately texted and Tweeted Scott and told him so he headed out there, too, and ordered a BBQ Pork, a Baja Chicken, and a Beef Spare Ribtaco with fries.  He loved them all and said that his favorite was the chicken taco.

 And, he brought me back a Lentil Taco.  That had corn and the crunch slaw.  It was fantastic, too.

That's right, folks, today for lunch I ate a shrimp tostada, beef spare rib taco, fiesta corn salad, some fries, and then a lentil taco and washed it down with a blackberry lemonade.  I haven't eaten like that in forever but it was so worth it!

To most people eating from a food truck may be an everyday occurrence but, for me, this was a treat and a great day!


  1. I watch that show too!!! How awesome that they were right there!! All the pics look sooo yummy!!!!

  2. YUMMY! All of those images look amazing, I most definitely would have eaten every last bite, too!!! How neat they recognized you from Twitter. Rock on, sister!

  3. how fun! I have never watched that show but sounds cool. those look very yummy, especially that one with all that cabbage! Mmmm...

  4. I have heard of that, but I just got hungry looking at all your pictures. That all looks amazing good.

  5. April - Thanks so much for stopping by our Truck. It's so fun to put a face to the Twitter name. We always feel so gratified when are food is so well received. The Pictures you took make our food look beautiful..and more importantly, delish! Hope to see you and your family again sometime.
    All the Best,
    Linda Jones
    Cha Cha Chow