Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

This morning I was reading Jamie's blog and she started the 10 Day Challenge.  I thought it looked like a fun thing to do so I thought start today, too.

Here's how it works for 10 Days you tell things about yourself:
10 secrets
9 loves
8 fears
7 wants
6 places
5 foods
4 books
3 films
2 songs
1 picture

After reading this list, I actually think that it is going to be pretty challenging.  Anyway, here goes.

10 Fears
{1} I wonder if my kids will look back and think that I was always the yeller/disciplinarian and not remember that I was fun, too.

{2} I am severly claustrophobic and have panic attacks in huge crowds.  When leaving an indoor sporting even, concert, etc, Scott holds my hand as I look down.  I just feel like all of those people are sucking all of the air out of me.

{3} I feel guilty about not working and not "contributing" to paying the bills.

{4} I have a fear of dying in a car wreck.

{5} I sometimes wish I were single with no responsibilities.

{6} I've been thinking about making it final that there will be no more children for us . . . you know, surgically.

{7} After graduation from college, I really wanted to join the Peace Corps.  There were outrageous requirements so I went into the Army National Guard instead.

{8}  I miss the Army all of the time.

{9} On that same note, I hate it when I see soldiers wearing their uniforms to sporting events unless they are participating in pre-game ceremonies.

{10} I wish that I could live 10 different lives because there are so many different careers that I would love to follow.


  1. I saw this, too! And April... You're raising three kids... That's contributing more than enough. :)

  2. OK...I am going to do this too. I noticed you started with 10 fears and not 10 secrets????? I am linking your blog in my pst when I get it done!


  3. Yep, I messed up. I will do 8 secrets/fears again in a couple of days. I guess a couple of my fears are secrets and the other way around.

  4. This looks interesting! I think I might try it myself! Great job on your fears though!