Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Patio Furniture

This time of year all of the summer stuff starts going on sale and it won't be long until Christmas stuff is out, isn't that crazy? 

Anyway, I usually can't wait to look at patio furniture when Spring hits.  There are so many different styles and colors and patterns that I literally run from one set of furniture saying, "Oooh, I looooove this one" and then I'll look over and run over to that one and say "I loooove this one, too."  

So today I had one of those little icons pop up on the side of my email and it had a picture of a patio set so I clicked on it.  This site, http://www.canadapost.ca/shopper/patio-chairs-beds-tables-patio-sets/sc/413, was amazing.  There were tons of different outdoor items on it and they were all on sale.

Here are just a few of the things that I liked on the site.  What I really like about this site is that for most of the items when you scroll over them it will give you the option for 3 comparable sites and prices.  
Whole Home Whole Home Summerside Patio Furniture Cushioned Ottomans

International Home Miami Bellagio Sectional 6 Piece Orange


Exotic Throw Pillow, Pattern / Solid

Have you found any good deals on patio or outdoor furnitue? 


  1. my friend said home depot had a really great sale this past weekend and they got a 6 piece set for 299.99! Not too shabby! I like the stuff you picked out...super cute :)

  2. I love patio furniture too! We've been looking all summer and couldn't even find anything we liked in terms of color, but we finally got some chairs and a side table we LOVE at Lowes over the weekend. And it was 25 percent off, so we only paid around $60 for all of it :)