Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Today's challenge is 9 things that I love. Believe it or not, this one was hard for me, too.  There are a lot of things that I like a lot but very few things that I LOVE.

Do people count as things?

9 Things I Love

{1}  I love my family.  Of course, I couldn't show pics of all of them but there are many more.

{2} I love all sports but specifically:

{3} I love food.  I know some of you may think that is a shock because I've come to be known, at least around our house at the Food Nazi, but I really do love food.  I love reading cookbooks, trying new recipes, eating out, bbq'ing, and watching food shows on TV.

{4} I love to travel and love to stay in hotels.  I love to stay in a hotel even here in St. Louis because it seems like a mini-vacation.

{5} I love my Chevy Traverse.  I thought I would really miss the little sporty luxury car but this thing is awesome!

{6} I love music.  I love music of all kinds: gospel, rock, country, jazz, rap 

{7} I love Christmas decorations.  I have 3 big trees and countless little ones.  I have Christmas ornaments that I bought years ago and they have never even been out of the box!  I love everything about Christmas time.

{8} I love that even though Facebook has its flaws, I love that I have reconnected with so many people from my childhood and college days that meant so much to me but life happened and we lost touch.  It is a true testament to the friendship we had that we have picked up right where we left off.

{9} I love that I believe in a forgiving God who has taken me just as I am.


  1. I think people totally count! And I just realized that Gracie is starting to really look like you.

    Glad to see you love your Traverse :) I am buying an SUV soon and the Traverse is one we're considering, but we'll probably stick with something a bit smaller with just two seats and better gas mileage until another kid comes along.

  2. I LOVE Christmas time too. The whole spirit of Christmas, deocorations, music, family time, food!

  3. great post! I love Christmas too...totally can't get enough of everything Christmas!! You have a beautiful family and I think they all look SO much like the two of you :) Precious!