Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I'm not a big movie watcher, haven't had time for movies in years, but there are a couple that immediately come to mind.

3 Films

{1} Dirty Dancing-I think I can quote every, single line in this movie.  I remember cutting off some jeans and rolling them at the knees, wearing a white shirt tied at the waste, getting white Keds and dancing around my house.  Johnny and Baby are forever in my heart and I so wish they weren't going to re-make this movie. 
{2} Top Gun-What woman doesn't know exactly why I loved this movie?  Hello, volleyball scene followed by kissing scene.  Enough said.
{3} Titanic-I loved this movie so much that I saw it 8 times at the movie theater.  I longed for a love like Jack and Rose.  Even today when I see it, I end up bawling when the women are getting put on the boats to safety and Rose jumps back over onto the ship, runs down and finds Jack, and says,
"I couldn't do it.  I couldn't leave you.  You jump, I jump."
Now, I know what that feels like.  There is no way I would ever leave Scott in that situation.  He jumps, I jump.
you jump i jump right?


  1. I LOVE DIRTY DANCING too! I just let me daughter watch it....am I bad?

    I never saw Top Gun...is that wierd?


  2. LOVE Titanic!! I cry everytime too. I have never seen Top Gun either.