Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finally, After 2 Years . . .

I have Sweet Baby Caleb's newborn picture framed and displayed. 

I actually purchased a frame to match Kanin and Gracie's pictures over a year and a half ago and when I got it home, there were no hanging brackets to hang it.  Then, while at Lowe's one day, Scott remembered to buy brackets . . . then, we lost the packet.  

Earlier this week Scott headed to Lowe's to get our propane refilled and I asked him to buy more brackets . . . then, I decided to just set the pics on the fireplace and didn't need brackets after all.  Why didn't I think of that 2 years ago?  I blame pregnancy brain with each child I lose a little more of my rational thinking brain!

Anyway, here they are.  I do think that it looks just a tad plane so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I thought I'd add in close ups of the pics because I am just in love with them.  Here is Kanin's when he was 3.
Here is GracieAnn at 2 weeks.

Here is Sweet Baby Caleb at 2 weeks.

Pictures were taken by Michelle at untamed heART photography

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