Sunday, August 21, 2011

Festival of the Little Hills

This weekend is the annual Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles.  Basically, it is a fair that has tons of crafts, food, a few rides, and some entertainment (bands).  Around the St. Louis area, the Festival of the Little Hills is very popular.  You can read about it HERE.

I've got to be honest . . . I dragged my family along to the Festival.  I just love these type of things.  As much as I love the fine dining atmosphere as a place like Cielo (check out my post from this dinner), I equally enjoy the fair food that is offered.  How can you walk down the aisles and not have your mouth water at the smells of brisket, kettle corn, and hamburgers at every station?

When we got to the festival, around 2:15, it was H-O-T.  I kept thinking to myself, "Big mistake!"  I knew that Scott was only going along because he knew how much I really wanted to go but I was sweating, the kids were sweating, and Scott was sweating.  Bad combo!

Kanin absolutely HAD to have a hotdog right off of the bat.  After that, ice cream!

Kanin wanted a snowcone instead of an ice cream.

We walked around for a bit and saw lots of crafts. 
The Missouri Army National Guard had a static display set up and the kids got to crawl around on all of the equipment.

After they all had tons of treats it was so hot we decided to cool off at one of our favorite places, Llyweln's, an Irish bar.  Mommy and Gaga enjoyed the Harp, the seats, and the huge fan that was set up right by our table.   

By the time we sat down our family had enjoyed (although not every person ate everything) ice cream, snow cone, hot dog, taco, and crab rangoon so we weren't exactly hungry but still enjoyed the shade.

Follow Up:  After all of the food Kanin ate, he got home, took a shower and went to bed.  30 minutes later he woke up and puked everywhere--bed, floor, himself--and had to take another shower.  His little belly is not used to that kind of food and especially not as much as he ate!!


  1. April, these are gorgeous photos!! What a fun time! I grew up in St. Louis, and seeing these pictures makes me miss it!!

  2. This post is so funny because we must have been down there at the same time!... And I hated every second of it, except the seconds when I wasn't shoving food in my mouth.

    Cute photos! I hope Kanin is feeling better!