Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trying to Get in "The Zone"

This afternoon on my crappy run I realized, once again, that I love the first couple of miles and I feel fantastic during those but almost exactly at the 2 mile mark I get to the point where I'm wondering how far it is until I get back home. 

Back in 2002, when I did consider myself a runner, I was running and training all of the time back  and I remember thinking how hard the first 3-4 miles were for me but from mile 4 until about mile 16 I felt great. 

Now, it seems like it is completely opposite.

These days when I run it feels like the first 2 miles are fantastic.  I actually think to myself, "If I feel this good, I could just keep running and running." But then, it happens . . . right around mile 2, I feel like I can't go on and the last mile or two are horrible.  And, I AM NOT a fast runner so I don't think that I am using on my energy on the first couple of miles. 

I know many of you are serious runners so you may not have experienced this.  For those of you like me . . .the wannabe serious runners LOL . . .have you experienced this?  What do you do? 

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  1. Some days I feel like that, to me it is usually a matter of am I hydrated, have I had enough sleep, rest, fuel in my body, and sometimes if I just keep pushing I push out of it. Could be a bit of a mental thing to?