Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Milestone for Kanin

This past week Kanin learned 3 very important things.

#1 He learned his phone number. 
This is a hard one because we don't have a home phone number.  Scott and I each have separate cell phones and that is how people get a hold of us.  So instead of making him memorize 2 different numbers, I just had him learn mine since I am the one that will be responding to any calls from school.

#2 He learned his address.
Our address has a fairly long word in it so while he could repeat it back, it was hard for him to just remember.  I made him say and write it several times.  He also was getting confused with the zip code since we learned my phone number and address on the same day there were just a lot of numbers.

# He learned to tie his shoes.
Oh, the drama associated with this one!  Up until now Kanin has only had Velcro shoes but this year he really wanted these "cool" Adidas shoes that were tie.  I told him the only way he could get them was to learn to tie or I would return them and get a different pair. 

First Scott tried to help him with it and he just wouldn't follow the steps and wanted to try to get ahead.  Then, I thought that I would try and, to be honest, sometimes Kanin and I are like oil and water.  Needless to say, that ended badly.  I mean boohoo, sobbing, crying bad.  He kept saying that the kids were all going to make fun of him because he couldn't tie his shoe (even though I'm sure most of them can't either).

Finally, the kids were at my mom and dad's on Sunday and Mama was able to teach him to tie his shoe.  He was so proud of himself and I was happy that I didn't have to deal with it anymore.  LOL

These are 3 really big things for a little kid to learn and remember but I am a little confused about it.  I distinctly remember having to learn to tie my shoes in Kindergarten.  Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rampley, had a Star Chart and when you tied your shoe you got a gold star.  Do schools not make it mandatory anymore?  I also thought that the school would make him learn his phone number and address, too?  Maybe that is in 2nd grade . . . anyway, it was a big week for Kanin and his leaving Mommy wings got a little bigger this week.


  1. Grandparents are very handy to have around! Sometimes they can take up where we left off and create a successful learning experience. After I was grown, my Mom confided to me that she would call or write to her parents and give them a list of things we needed help with. When we went to visit them (they lived 5 states away from us), they would help us with our struggles! Smart Mom!