Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Today I am listing 8 fears in the 10 Day You Challenge.  

8 Fears

{1} I am afraid of snakes.  They just really creep me out and give me the willies. 

{2} I am afraid of the dark sometimes.

{3} I am scared that something might happen to one of my children.

{4} I am afraid of large crowds, elevators, or small cramped spaces. 

{5} I am afraid that some times I am too hard on my kiddos.

{6} I am afraid that one day our house might catch fire.  All of our bedrooms are upstairs and I wonder how we would all get out.

{7} I am afraid that one day maybe while on my death bed, I will have regrets.

{8} I am actually afraid of saying all of these things out loud. 

1 comment:

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