Friday, August 12, 2011

St. Louis Rams Practice

Today my sister-in-law, Debbie, received 4 VIP passes to a St. Louis Rams practice.  She called and offered them to us and we thought it would be a great family day.

Outside of the facility the Rams had their merchandise truck set up and the St. Louis Police Department had several stands set up selling food.

 Love this picture but, of course, we couldn't get all 3 kids to look at the camera.  LOL

No family outing is complete without a little attitude from GracieAnn.

Caleb had fun climbing up and down on this fence and, of course, we had to have the friend.

Since our party started an hour before the Rams practice, it left a little time for some dancing.

There's that sweet smile that I love to see.

Don't you just love those little freckles on his nose?

The future of the Rams and Heisman Trophy winner, Quarterback Sam Bradford.

The quarterback corps 

Running Back, Steven Jackson

I loved watching the entire team stretch and warm-up.  It reminded me of doing Company or Battalion p.t. (physical training) in the Army.

Coach Spags

I LOVE this picture.  Caleb was giving me a full-on bear hug.  It was so sweet and he wouldn't let go.

Wide Receiver Danny Amendola.  I love this guy.  I watch HBO's Hard Knocks when he got cut from the Cowboys.  He is a small underdog, kind-of-guy with lots of heart.

It was really cool being this close to the field and the players.  We also appreciated the covered tables, air conditioned bathrooms, and free water and snacks.  Thanks, Debbie!
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