Friday, October 28, 2011

Are You Superstitious?

I am not ashamed to admit that I am superstitious.  I think this started back in high school when I was playing sports.  My superstitions have grown over the years as I've continued to be an avid sports fan and now also a gambler.  I have superstitions coming out the wazoo:  Things like wearing the same clothes to the next game after a big win, sitting in the same seat at the games, driving to the games the same route, not playing with certain dealers at the blackjack table, not looking at the cards when they are dealt on video poker, and doing a little dance after a come out 7 or 11/or a mark is hit in craps.  Seriously, I need help.

Last night was Game 6 of the World Series and I had a bad feeling all day long.  I just never could get that positive vibe going. 

We got to the game and I did kind of get wrapped up in the excitement of it being the World Series but it still just didn't seem right to me. 

If you watched the game through the 7th inning you know that it was a comedy of errors, literally errors.  Ridiculous stupid errors that would have put us ahead but instead cost us runs.

I had already told myself that if it started looking "bad" (the Cardinals were going to lose) that I was not going to sit around and watch a team celebrate on our home field.  I would go up to the back by the bathrooms and just wait for Scott to come back but there was no way that I could sit and watch us lose. 

Well, the top of the 8th inning came and it wasn't looking good so I headed up to the top.  Before I knew it, there was Scott saying he was ready to go.  I asked him if he was sure because I was willing to hang around but he said no because he had to go dj still and it was already 10:30pm.  So, we left.

Literally, 20 feet out of the stadium and Craig hits his solo homerun to make it 7-5. 

We go to my parents house to pick up the kids and it is the bottom of the 9th, we are losing, 2 outs.  I can't watch it so I hop in the car and head home and listen to it on the radio. 

The Cardinals tied it up!! 

"Are you freakin' kidding me!" was all I could yell over and over and over.

I get home and get the kids up to bed and then, once again, we are down to our last strike and we do it again.  I can't believe that I didn't wake the kids because I was jumping up and down and screaming like an idiot, my phone was ringing off the hook, and texts were coming in like crazy.

All of the sports people are saying that it will probably go down as the greatest game in World Series history if not in the history of baseball and I left it. 

Am I mad or upset or disappointed that I left?


I'm happy that I left.  I didn't have very good mojo and as soon as we left then our bats started coming back to life.  If I had to do it again then I would leave again.

In fact, if the game is "not looking good" tonight, I will probably leave again.  It worked once so it can work again.

Today, however, I have a good feeling.  A really good feeling.

11 in 11
St. Louis Cardinals

By the way, I will be wearing the EXACT same clothes that I wore last night.

If you haven't seen the highlights from last night's game, you have to check it out HERE and HERE.

Nothing short of amazing.


  1. I'm superstitous too! I went to bed at the top of the seventh feeling hopeless and not wanting to watch the Rangers win and was pissed yet elated when Jimmy woke me up to tell me the Cardinals won. I'm hoping it's not so gut wrenching tonight with Carp back on the mound.

  2. LOL... I am similar... sometimes, but not always. Hope you go and have a lot of fun :)

  3. much as I don't like going to games...I too am superstitious when it comes to listening to the game. If I turn it on and they are winning, I turn it off. If I turn it on and they score I keep it on...if I turn it on and the other team scores, I turn it off and blame myself!

    Good luck to your team tonight!!!!


  4. sounds like you had fun despite you feeling like you were causing the bad luck! Good game :)