Thursday, October 6, 2011

NLDS vs STL Cardinals, Game 4

It is Red October here in St. Louis and we are in a battle with the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Division Series.

We have season tickets to Cardinals games which gave us first rights at post season tickets.  The Cards went 1-1 in Philadelphia and then came home and we lost the first game here.  I didn't go to the losing game on Tuesday so I decided to go on Wednesday night.

Scott and I decided to surprise Kanin.  We checked him out of school early and headed down to the game.
Kanin has been to tons of Cardinals games but this was his first playoff game and he was really excited.

Yes, he wore that Yankees hat with his Cardinals jersey.  Yesterday his school had a fundraiser for childhood cancer in our area.  Students were allowed to wear a hat to school if they donated $1.  He was bound and determined to wear this hat to the game . . . a decision I think he started to regret.

Here is the Rally Towel that was handed out when we walked in.

Here's the pitching/catching crew heading out to warm up.

One of the most popular players, catcher Yadier Molina.

Kanin really got in to waving that Rally Towel.

Gaga was sitting a couple of rows in front of us in our other seats so when Jason Motte came out to close the game, Kanin went down and sat with him.

The Cardinals won the game 5-3 which makes the series even.  The sudden death game is tomorrow night in Philly.

I am so glad that we decided to take Kanin to the game.  He and I sat by ourselves and talked during the whole game.  I think he enjoyed having that extra attention and getting to "hang out" with Mommy and Daddy.

Let's Go Cardinals!


  1. I love that your son wore the Yankees hat! (My husband is a huge Yankees fan). He is obviously a very brave kid.

  2. Mom of the Year! What a great memory he'll have forever! :)

  3. How FUN! My husband is a life-long Carinals fan... so we're ALWAYS rooting for them!

  4. How fun! Ok, if the Astros can't be in it (after losing over 100 games, sheesh, I am rooting for the Cardinals :) You look so cute, btw!

  5. Looks like he and yall had a great time!!!