Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Apparently I have totally failed in the parenting department.  THIS is how my son went to school this morning!  

Where did he learn that it was OK to like the Yankees?  Aaaah!

For the past couple of months Kanin has gotten more and more "in" to baseball.  He has his own MLB game going on the PS3 and I think his interest in the Yankees started with that game.  He got drafted by the Yankees on the game and then, when Yankee 2nd baseman Robinson Cano won the 2011 HR Derby this summer, it sealed the deal.  

His PE teacher is also a Cardinals/Yankees fan and has nicknamed Kanin the Yankee Clipper (I have no idea why) so when Gaga bought him this Yankees hat last night (while Mommy was at home and had NOTHING to do with it), Kanin just had to go show Mr. T today at school.

I guess things could be worse . . .he could be a Red Sox fan.  Ha!
(Sorry to any Red Sox fans out there but I am still bitter about getting swept in the 2004 World Series and watching Red Sox players along with Jimmy Fallon dance on the mound at Old Busch.  Yes, I can hold a grudge for a very, very long time.)


  1. LOL I love it!!!! I am a yankees fan =)

    I dont like the boosox either

  2. Oh too funny! I can't wait to see what my kids will end up liking that I didn't influence! I don't follow baseball at all