Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hockey Season Has Begun

Kanin had his very first hockey tournament this morning.  Up until now, his games have always been inter-squad so it was definitely different to get up at 6:00 in the morning to travel an hour away with 3 kids still in their pajamas.

Here he is getting ready to head out on the ice.

This tournament was called a Jamboree and consisted of four 25 minute games.  The entire Jamboree had 80 teams and 500 players. 

Kanin loves to play defense.  At this stage, they are just starting to move in to specific roles so I'm not sure if he will turn into a permanent defenseman or if the coach will still switch it up.

Kanin's team celebrating their victory.

This tournament was certainly eye-opening for us.  It was awesome to see Kanin perform and compete and he said that he had a great time.

The one thing that stood out for me, though, is how some of the parents acted.  One team, in particular, really showed themselves.  Remember, this is 8 year old ADM (formerly Mites) so they are all still learning to play there aren't even penalties called during their games.  These parents yelled and screamed at their kids the entire game.  If our team scored, they actually got upset. 

Are you kidding me?!

I was so annoyed at a lot of these people.  One woman walked in all decked out with a screen-printed t-shirt of her son in his full hockey gear with the name of their team in big, huge letters. 

Hello, lady!  These are 8 year olds learning to play.  Not professional try-outs.  Give me a break. 

Besides some of that obnoxiousness (in which I actually had to move seats because I couldn't take it anymore), the Jamboree was great and we are so proud of Kanin!

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  1. hahaha sometime people take things a bit too seriously..... i think it is ridiculous!