Friday, October 7, 2011

Fitness Friday-Healthy or Skinny

Last week I saw this on Pinterest and it really stuck with me. 


Everyone of these ladies are in phenomenal shape and are, in fact, Olympic athletes yet when we look at them we automatically assume that only the few in the middle are healthy.

I have always considered myself an "active" person but not always "healthy".  I had my gluttonous college days (which I'm paying for now) followed by 3 pregnancies so over the past few years I have packed on the weight.  Even through those years, though, I remained active and worked out but I still wasn't "healthy".

In the past year I think I finally have realized that healthy doesn't just mean that I am able to go out and run a couple of miles.  It means that making better food choices, getting enough rest, taking supplements/vitamins AND exercise, as well.

What I am learning to deal with is that I am probably healthier and "in better shape" than a lot of skinny women but yet I still sometimes envy their bodies when I'm looking at myself in the mirror.  I need to come to an understanding that, in the long run, I will be in a better place if I focus on my health and not on my weight.

I also saw this pin and thought it fit perfectly with this post.

Do you focus on being skinny or healthy?  Head over to Jill's blog and share your journey.


  1. This is a great point! HEALTHY! For sure! Did you see the ESPN "bodies we want" feature? It's awesome and shows that muscular is GOOD!

  2. I *love* that pic. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    (Oh, and I also love the new header!)


  3. Healthy! Although, I am built to be on the slim side, I take pride in having muscles and knowing that my body is athletic.

  4. I'm a new follower. I'm definately aiming for healthy rather than skinny. I know that I'm never going to be rail thin and I'm more than ok with it, but I know that I need to work on what I eat and what I feed my girls. Clean eating/living and exercising = healthy to me.

  5. Being healthy...for too long I focused on being skinny and just kept gaining.

  6. Being Healthy!! It's hard to always eat healthy, but I know that I feel better when I do.

    Your newest follower : )

  7. Great post....if we could pass that way of thinking to our daughters....we would do them a huge favor!!!

    I often have to remind my self that although my stomach is no longer flat....I am in pretty good shape for a woman my age with two children.


  8. Hi! I'm popping over from Fitness Friday at Jill's. Love this post! Since I have begun running more seriously I've noticed the pounds don't just drop off anymore. While I think it's a combination of I'm closer to a natural healthy weight, it still always surprises me that with all the calories I burn that I don't lose pounds as well. Ah well .. it's definitely about being healthy for me. Cute blog by the way! I shall be back.

  9. what a great post! SO true :)

    I do the same thing! I wanna be "skinny" but know that I am far more healthy being just the way that I am!

  10. What started as a numbers game to me when I went to lose weight, has now turned into trying to become more healthy. I've noticed that it's easier to be healthy... and the weight generally is easier to lose when you focus on the healthy.

  11. I love both of those pins! Great post :)

    I really focus on being healthy. My habits wax and wane, but I think I do a good job for the most part!

  12. Healthy is my goal.
    Do you know Marsha of 'Strong is the New Skinny' fame?
    I ordered one of her t-shirts and love the discussion it promotes in the gym!
    Love you blog!
    Tamara via the Friday Fitness Blog Hop