Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hope This Happens (AT LEAST) Every 5 Years

Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary and we are leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow.  Why did it take us 5 years to go on a honeymoon?  Well . . . 

When we got engaged there were a couple things that I new I wanted for our wedding right off the bat:

#1 I wanted a Fall wedding-love all of the colors of Fall.
#2 I wanted to have a band-There was NO WAY Scott was going to dj our wedding and I knew that any other dj would just drive us crazy all night because we would be comparing what he did to what Scott would have done.

We had gone to a wedding the previous year and the Fabulous Motown Revue played it.  I knew instantly that I wanted THAT band for our wedding.  Since we knew that we wanted a Fall wedding, this band, and we were paying for the wedding, we chose the farthest date that the band had available to give us more time to save up.  That date was October 21.

In 2006, the St. Louis Cardinals were HORRIBLE.  They won a total of 83 games.  They were just not a good baseball team BUT as the end of the season approached, something happened and that team caught on fire and they made it in to the post season.  We could not believe it but thought there was no way they'd make it out of the Division Series.  Wrong.  

Then on to the National League Championship.  We thought there was no way they'd make it out of the National League Series.  Wrong.  The Cardinals won the National League Series on the night of our rehearsal dinner.

So, what to do?  We were going to the World Series!  When it was evident that we would be in the post season, Scott asked me if I would rather go to the World Series or have a honeymoon.  There was NO DOUBT in my mind that I wanted to go to the World Series games so we didn't book a trip and just waited to see if they would make it or not.  And, they did.

The first night of the World Series was October 21, 2006, on our wedding night.  Who would have guessed it?  Luckily, it was an away game so we didn't miss any actual games but there was a lot of checking scores that night (we won!) and the band kept announcing updates during their performance.

I scanned some pics from my wedding album.  They didn't turn out very well because the pictures are much bigger than our scanner but you'll get the idea.  All pictures were taken by Rick Niblett Photography.

After the wedding, we went down to take pictures at Busch Stadium.  Scott and I actually had it set up to take pictures on the field, in the dugout, etc BUT since they were getting ready for the World Series, it got cancelled.  We still got some great shots, though.  This is our entrance to our seats.  We had everyone and their dates get in with us.

Kiener Plaza changed the fountain water to red for Red October (what we call Cardinals post season).

One of our friends made our cake topper.

I had the idea of sliding in to home plate with Scott trying to tag me.  Yes, I would have done it in my wedding dress.  Since we couldn't be on the field, I decided to do it anyway just right outside our gate.  The girls were all supposed to be calling me safe and the boys were calling me out.  Angie got in on the boys' call.  LOL

Rick and Donna loved the picture so much they made it in to one of their advertisements.  This picture has been a big hit ever since.

Over the past 5 years I have stated on hundreds occasions that I really wanted to go on a trip for our 5 year anniversary.  I kept saying I just want a warm weather, sand, and some drinks.  Scott joked that he would take me to the Ceasar's Palace pool (check out my Vegas posts . . . we go to Vegas . . .a lot).  

Back in June we started planning our 5 year anniversary/honeymoon trip and scheduled it for this week, the actual week of our anniversary.

AT THE TIME the Cardinals were horrible.

Well, wouldn't you know it?  They've done it again.  They went from worst to first (not really worst but close) and are now in the World Series.  And we will be gone.  Missing Games 1 & 2 at Busch. 

Oh well, as I've told Scott, if we can't be at the games the next best thing will be to watch it on the beach.  

I'm hoping that it makes it to at least a Game 6 so we can go to one game.  Scott's brother, Jeff, is taking Kanin tomorrow night.  I am kind of sad that we aren't the ones taking him to his very first World Series game but I'm glad that he and Jeff will get to have some bonding time.

That figures, huh?  We wait 5 years to take a trip and the year we do, they decide to get good and go to the World Series. I just hope we get the same outcome as in 2006!


  1. Love your pictures! SO fun!! You were a beautiful bride!!
    Enjoy your trip! I bet the hearing the scores on the beach with a fruity drink in your hand will be way better! =)

  2. Love this post! HAppy FIVE years of marraige! I'm a very new newly wed {9.3.11}, marriage is awesome!

    Have a happy honeymoon!

    Jessica @ Stilettos & a fishing pole

  3. Love the pictures! Too cute! And yes, you need to keep going every 5 (or maybe more often so we win more often)! Happy Honeymoon!

  4. how cool is that! WOW!!! And congrats to your team...and good luck to them!

    Have fun and enjoy yourselves...happy honeymoonin'!