Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Let's Drag"

Growing up my sister was very close with one of our cousins, Matthew.  Matthew could never pronounce his own name and would call himself "Nanu Eddard" (Matthew Edward).  I think this is probably something that he regrets because now he is over 30 years old and married and I still call him that.  

Anyway, Matthew spent a lot of time at our house.  We would make wrestling rinks out of blankets in our living room and play WWF.  He and my sister, though, came up with their own game.  Of course, a lot of people have played this game before but it was something they did all the time.  Whenever they wanted to play it one would say to the other "Let's drag" and off they'd run to grab some blankets and while one would lay on the blanket, the other would drag them all over the house.  We had hardwood floors throughout so they would go up and down the halls, around beds, around the circle from the kitchen into the hall into the living room.

At our high school's junior-senior prom, the seniors read their "wills and memories."  My sister said to Nanu "Let's drag" and my mom and aunt thought they had been out drag racing.  Riss and Matthew had to assure them that they were talking about pulling each other around on a blanket.

Anyway, last night all of these memories came flooding back because my 3 kids were "dragging" all around the house.  Kanin got the short end of the stick, though, because Caleb and Gracie were too young to pull him. 

Funny how little things today can take you back 25 years.


  1. Oh fun.. makes me miss being a kid again.

    I have a blog award for you on my blog:

  2. Ha we were just doing the same thing the other night!

    Your blog format is kinda funky - I guess it's only near the bottom. Have you seen it? I figured out the other night how to make my blog template wider if you want me to help you with doing yours too. xo