Monday, February 21, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Lens?

I asked a question on Facebook last week and really didn't get that much of a response so I decided to turn to you lovelies.  I have a Nikon D5000.

I have the AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens

and I have the AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm 1.4-5.6G lens.

While I have learned a lot about both of these lenses, the most important thing I've learned is that I need a different one.  The
18-55mm is great if I am pretty close to the kids.  The 55-200mm is great if I am a little farther away.  I need one that is the perfect lens for both.  Does it exist?  I swear I think I spend more time changing lenses than I do taking pictures.  I went to the zoo the other day and it was just so frustrating because if I wanted pics of the kids then I had to put the 18-55mm on and if I wanted pics of animals I had to switch out.  I tried to leave the 55-200 on for both but then I had to end up stepping out into the walkway 6 or 7 feet away from the kids to actually get it too focus.

Bottom line:  one is too close and one is too far away

So, my question is . . .

If you were taking pics and you could ONLY us ONE lens, which one would you choose?  What is the one lens that you cannot live without?

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  1. There are lenses that are 18-200 or something close to that. But I think you lose quality of your pics. I'm asking for a Tamaron 28-70 (I think?) 2.8 which will give me some zoom but also keep the low aperture option. I know it's better to get lenses made by your camera maker but the Canon equivalent to that lens is like 1300 dollars! Ouch.