Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make Up Gift?

So after my breakdown this morning, Scott and Kanin had a hair appointment.  I stayed at home with Caleb (Grace went with them) and continued to clean my little heart out. 

Scott walked in carrying a cute little bag with pink tissue paper out.  He told me that it was a "We love our Mommy" gift.

Boy, does he know me!  He said that he saw it and knew it was something that I'd love.  He was right.  I am going to wear it tonight to meet the Pioneer Woman and my blog friend, Holly.  Paired with some skinny jeans, boots, and a cardigan.

Love him!


  1. I posted about the award you gave me today!! Thank you so much again!

  2. I love it! Where did they get it? We are going to the Hope Opener and I need a new shirt!

  3. That is a super cute shirt! I need one of those!
    What a sweet hubby!!

  4. You need to post a pic of your whole outfit, it sounds so cute! You have a sweet hubs!