Monday, February 14, 2011

Message to My Facebook Peeps

Ok, I officially have a problem and I admit it.
I am blogging a message to all of my Facebook friends because stupid Facebook locked me out yesterday morning.  I don't know if someone tried to hack my account or what but I couldn't log in so I . . .
changed the password. 
Still no log in. 
Changed again. 
Still no log in. 
Tried to change again
and it told me that I had attempted to changed it too many times. 

Panic was starting to set in. 
"I must find out what is going on."

1 hour of research  . . . FB Help SUCKS!

Still no log in.

I finally read somewhere to wait 24 hours but now I can't remember when the last time I tried to log in and it would just be my luck that I would wait until 12:00 and attempt it and my last attempt would have been 12:03 and I'd be locked out for another 24 hours. 

So . . . I am going to wait until 1:00 and attempt it all again.

I never realized how much I rely on FB.  I don't necessarily update my status all of the time but it's like the news and I get to see what's going on in your world.

If you don't see me on FB for a couple more days, just know that I am probably driving my husband crazy talking about FB and how I can get back on.  I think that he is taking a certain amount of pleasure in my withdrawals.


  1. Maybe you should look into a Facebookers Anonymous in your area, haha, jk. That sucks, I really hope you are able to log in soon here (if not just for you, but for your husbands sake!) :) Happy V Day!

  2. My name is Alida and I am addicted to Facebook! I feel your pain!!

  3. I used to be a facebook addict but that has been replaced by twitter. Yous should try it :)