Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 in 2011 Day 11: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2011

It is the last day of the 11 in 2011 blog hop and the topic is What Are You Looking Forward to in 2011.

At this exact moment, we don't have a whole lot planned in 2011. 

I am looking forward to Vegas in March celebrating our niece's 21st birthday and seeing our nephew who will be home from Afghanistan and is going to meet us there.

I am looking forward to baseball season and hanging out with all of my ballpark friends and hopefully repeating this moment:

I am also looking forward to celebrating my 5 year anniversary with Hottie Scottie.  What a ride. 



  1. A 21st birthday party IN Vegas? Too cool!
    I haven't ben yet, but going to Vegas is on my bucket list!

  2. 21st b'day in Vegas sounds like a blast!!!

  3. Hottie Scottie! That's great! :) Congrats on the upcoming anniversary

  4. Sounds like what you do have planned will be amazing!!

    Thanks for participating in the 11 in 2011 link up! :)

  5. You have some great things to look forward to this year!

    Thanks for linking up!