Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kanin's Family Skate

Today was Picture Day/Family Skate Day for Kanin's hockey team.  Since I knew that Caleb wouldn't go out on the ice, we left him at Jeff and Nene's (aunt and uncle's) and headed out.  This was GracieAnn's first time with ice skates on.

She was mad that we had to wait until the players were finished taking their pictures.

Finally able to put the ice skates on.

 Gracie and another sister, Lauren, were definitely ready to get out on the ice.

Once out on the ice, though, she did not like it at all.  I figured this would be the case.  She hated regular skating at Kanin's birthday party. 

I had a lot of fun skating.  I haven't been on ice skates in at least 15 years.  I didn't fall down one time!

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  1. I haven't been ice skating for so long!! Looks like you guys had fun!! You girls didn't have helmets!!