Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Best Night

I have had the Best night.  What did I do?  I got to read . . . in silence . . . for over an hour!

How?  Well, after making Sloppy Joe Pizza for dinner, Caleb went down for a little nap, GracieAnn went upstairs to watch Dora, and Kanin was in his bedroom playing "guys".  Our garage door has been on its last leg for a while so Scott and his brother were out fixing that and me, I got to just sit down and continue reading
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

This book has been a pain in my side ever since I bought it to go on vacation--in September!--but I am finally at the end and it finally got interesting.

So happy that I had this time to just do what I wanted to do tonight but I hear little voices arguing so I guess my quiet time is over.


  1. Nothing like a little down time. I'm hoping some of that will come my way...and soon! =) With the last two days being snow days I am more than ready. LOL! Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Quiet time is the best! I love it so much that's one of the reasons for pushing off having rugrats :)