Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 in 2011 Day 5: Places You'd Like to Go This Year

Today's topic in the 11 in 2011 is Places You'd Like to Go This Year.

I always love to go here:
I can't wait until March, our next trip.

I also love this place:
I would love to go back this year with the kids but I also would love to go back with just the Daddy.  We'd really love to golf and ride all of the rides that we want to ride.  LOL

If I could pick any place to go this year, though, I would love to go away with Scott to any place that has this: 

As long as I have: 
I will have everything I need.


  1. Aww so sweet. I would love to go anywhere right now! Especially with my hubby and no kids . :)

  2. So sweet!

    I have never been to Vegas, I'd love to go!

    We go to Disney every year and we are going back in March, I can't wait!!

    Love the tropical island, we went to an Passion Isle (where they shoot the Corona commercials!) for our honeymoon and I'd love to go back!!

  3. We are going to Vegas and Disneyland too! We go every year! I hope you get to go on a tropical vacation, they are the best!

  4. Hi April! We almost always stay at the Luxor, we are members, and we get the most incredible deals on their suites! Disneyland is my most favorite places to go! You and your family will love it! Where do you stay in Vegas? I am open to stay at some new fab hotel!

  5. SO sweet! I would love to go to Disney too!

  6. I think that if you live in SoCal a yearly Disney trip is a must. If not more often :)

  7. I am so with you on all of those places! Your kids are absolutely adorable, I bet it would be so fun to take them to Disney! Just found your blog through the link up, so glad I did :)

  8. In my book, you just can't hardly beat Disney and the beach! Hope you enjoy :)