Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Hops: Monday

When I first started blogging I had no idea how to find other blogs to read.  I would go up to the navigation bar at the very top of the page and just click "Next" until I found a blog that I liked.  I Googled "blogs".  I just had no idea.

Since I've done this for a bit now I have found out that the way to meet other people is through blog hopping and checking out who the people that you follow, follow.  Make sense?

I've decided to put together an easy list of daily blog hops so that each and everyday you (and I) can meet new friends.  I will add as I find out more. 

If you have never participated in a blog hop or blog party, all you do is click on one of the links below.  This will take you to a blog that will have tons of links.  Scroll down to the bottom and "Enter" the party.  Follow the directions.
Just Married with CouponsB&B Button


  1. This is such a great idea! Have you joined up with For the Love of Blogs? http://forblogs.blogspot.com It's a blog networking site that has daily hops. They have Magical Monday which is great! I LOVE the new look, I'm so happy you contacted Erin! xo

  2. Yes, Thank you!! I am on For the Love of Blogs. I couldn't find their button so i will add it next Monday.

    Erin was so great to work with. I think I am going to have her redo my recipe blog, too :)