Monday, January 3, 2011

It's A New Day

Maybe it's just me but after the presents were open and the food was eaten, I could not wait to take down the Christmas decorations and get on with 2011.  For some reason, I really feel like this year is full of promise, new beginnings and an even better life.  I know that sounds cheesy and a bit over-the-top but I really was so excited for the new year to get here.

Then, I got derailed for a few days.

I am back on track now and the very first thing I am doing is joining Weight Watchers and tonight is the first meeting.  I am such a huge fan of WW and I know that it works because I've used it before.  You see, my problem isn't having the knowledge of how to lose weight, I can spout out all of the things you should do, but it is having the willpower to follow through on those things.  That's why I am so excited to #1 be doing this with a friend and #2 actually going to the meetings and not just doing it on-line.  The friend will keep me motivated and the meetings will keep me accountable.

My goal is to lose 15lbs by the end of March, our next trip to Vegas.  That's 15lbs in 3 months or in 9 weeks which would be about 1.5lbs a week.  Totally doable, right?

I have thought about posting before and after pics but I just don't know if I am that brave or not.  LOL

Anyone else doing WW?


  1. I think that's do-able! I'm hoping to lose about 5 lbs a month the next few as well --- I seriously put on a few pounds over the holidays. I don't do WW (although I probably should) but am hoping to be successful! And so glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. 15 pounds is definitely doable!!

    My Mom joined WW a couple months ago and is down 30 pounds already, she loves it because it keeps her accountable.

    It will be great to do it with a friend! And of course, post on here! ;-)

  3. I joined WW last Tuesday!!! I LOVE it! I've done it before and it works!!!