Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Friend

Today I am joining a new blog hop, Toddler Talk Thursdays.  I already follow The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom so I always check out her posts.  When I went to her page and saw that she was involved in a blog hop I thought it would be fun to participate.  When I saw the topic I knew I had to participate.


Today the topic is Toddler Lovey's.  In our house we call them, there are two of them, either "the friend" or "the snuggie." 
Caleb received his first Friend from Nene (Aunt Dayna) at his Baptism.  I didn't really think about the Friend until about 2 weeks later and Caleb was crying and I let him hold it.  It was love at first touch.  From that moment on, he had to have his Friend.  Anytime he would cry or be fussy, I would put that Friend in his hand and he immediately would calm down.

The Friend became the "go-to" thing to calm Caleb down.  We had to make sure to pack in the diaper bag everytime we went anywhere.  One day we went to the mall and Caleb dropped the Friend.  I was a mess.  I called Scott bawling because I thought we had lost it forever.  Luckily, though, someone had turned it in to the JCPenney customer service desk.  After that, Nene got us a back up Snuggie.  LOL

The Snuggie was there the first time Caleb had to do the nebulizer and boy, did it help.
The Friend was there when Caleb learned to sit up.

When he tuckered out from playing.
The Friend has gotten go with Caleb on several adventures.  It's gone to the park, the zoo, and to the Science Center to see the Pirates.

The Snuggie's biggest adventure was going to Disney World.  It sure provided a lot of comfort to Caleb and helped in take naps all during the day.

Caleb's love affair continues with the friend.  As I'm typing this he is sleeping in his "pen" and his faithful Friend is right there beside him.



  1. How sweet is your little man and his friend! I love he took to it so early! Thanks for joining in Toddler Talk - we post every week so keep coming back. I am now following you.
    Caleb is a doll btw - those blue eyes!!

  2. Caleb is too cute with The Friend. Thanks so much for joing us for Toddler Talk! I am a new follower.
    Are you from the burgh? I was born and raised, but live out west now. We go home every summer though, to visit family! We took our little guy to see the Pirates too!

  3. Ok, just realized you said and to the Science Center to see the Pirates. I read it the first time and to the Science Center and to see the Pirates.
    Lol :)

  4. Those pictures are adorable! This is my first time joining TTT too! Even though mine doesn't use a lovey anymore I thought I'd share her photos and see all the ones you had to share. looks like he's really attached to it!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  5. I seriously teared up at these photos. He is so precious and you can totally tell that his lovey is his BFF!

    Thanks for linking up! ;-)