Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Like Everybody Else

Do you guys ever read some of these blogs and think to yourself, "I am really a total loser."  I do it all of the time.  I read about some of their lives and their crafts and their beautiful homes and their "prince" husbands and their perfect little families and I think "how do they pull it off?"

You know the ones I'm talking about:

302 Sycamore

and countless others that by definitely not trying to, make you feel like you just don't have your stuff together.

I sometimes actually have jealousy, bordering on anger, at how their pictures can turn out so gorgeous, they can blog and be witty, they can redo a Goodwill find into an exact replica of a Pottery Barn $1,000 item with seemingly little effort.

I was reminded of this today when I was reading the Nesting Place.  She was writing about her Up Chairs and while she talked about how she didn't like them together, I was thinking, "How can she take these two chairs that are so different in style and color and make them look so good."

And don't even get started on the Pioneer Woman.  She cooks, she cleans, she writes, she does photography, she homeschools, she wrangles cattles, she is featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay!  She leaps tall buildings in a single bound!!!

I know it isn't right to envy others or their talents. I certainly don't wish any of these people ill-well, I just really wish I knew how they did it.

I mean 99.9% my house looks like this:


(Laundry being sorted into piles)

Having all of these thoughts about these fantastic blogs, I had to smile when I read Sarah's story over at Clover Lane about being sick.  When I read about the 1/2 gallof  of ice cream just laying out in the middle of the floor, I had to smile.  Not because I wish Sarah any ill-well or to be malicious but because it was just a sign that these types of things happen to other people, too.

You know the type of things:  kids are all dressed, Daddy is warming up the car, diaper bag is packed, baby bends down and picks up dog water and spills it all over himself; thus, resulting in having to have a complete wardrobe change.  Everyone in car, buckled in seats, sister screams for a drink of water out of your water bottle, pours it all over herself; thus, resulting in having to have a complete wardrobe change.  Older brother cries over and over how hungry he is, wants salami as a late-night, before bed snack and leaves it out all night; thus, resulting in throwing away a whole pound of Boar's Head salami--that stuff isn't cheap!!

 You know, THOSE types of things.  Everyone goes through them, everyone.  I don't know about you guys but that makes me smile.

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  2. I feel the EXACT same way....and your house looks just like mine! We can just make improvements in our lives by getting ideas from all the wonderful bloggers out there!!! BTW...there are sooo many out there, like me, who love your blog and your life...keep it up!

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  4. I feel as you do and my house looks as yours does. Following from the Sunday hop.
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  5. April, those Moms that "do it all" - that's the way I feel about YOU! With this blog and your food blog. I think... how can she do it w/ 3 kids! :)) You are a fantastic writer, love reading your stuff.

  6. You are sweet, Rachel, but I am DEFINITELY NOT one of those moms!!! My house is constantly destroyed, I do the blogs when Caleb is sleeping and I should be cleaning. :)xoxo