Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's Your Sign?

**Update:  According to CNN, the signs HAVE NOT changed. 

Apparently it has recently surfaced that the Zodiac signs are off by about a month.  Something about the Earth and its tilt.  You can  read about it HERE.

I am not a follower of astrology but like a lot of people, I do read my horoscope every now and then.  Kind of like reading the fortune in a fortune cookie.  It is fun and interesting to read but I don't actually believe in it.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the characteristics of my old sign and this new one to see if I can find the true me.

I was born on February 4 and for the past 36 years I have grown up as an Aquarius.  Here are some Aquarian traits according to Explore Astrology and I will check if these traits are TRUE or FALSE to me.  The sign with the most TRUE'S will be my sign:

*Don't expect an Aquarian to follow the crowd. -TRUE
*They are individuals who like to do their own thing and they enjoy being different. -TRUE
*Aquarians take pride in their intellectual independence. -TRUE 
*They can be liberal and progressive in thought, and yet still fixed *They are fair judges of different opinions because they don't let emotions get in their way.-FALSE
*Aquarians will find their kindness helps them attract friends wherever they go. -TRUE
*Their humanitarian beliefs make them concerned for the welfare of all. -TRUE
*While they love people, they tend to avoid getting too deeply involved in a relationship for fear of losing their
*Those born under the sign of Aquarius are true visionaries and leaders.-TRUE
*Aquarians can be stubborn in their opinions. -TRUE
*They can become impatient with those who don't see their point of view and disagree with them. -TRUE
*They are fiercely independent and this can make them seem cold, detached, and impersonal at times. -TRUE
*The circulatory system, shins, and ankles - Aquarians may be prone to ankle and shin strains and breaks. -TRUE (This one kind of freaked me out a bit because I have broken my left ankle, sprained it several times and have had surgery on it, as well.)

Here are some Capricorn traits:

*Capricorns are very ambitious, driven by the need for success, money, position and authority. -FALSE
Their career and succeeding in it is very important to them, so much so that they often prefer to be in charge. -TRUE
But despite their aspirations, they are also very grounded and practical people. -TRUE
*Capricorns are also patient and willing to wait for what they want. -FALSE
Despite their intense focus on their goals, they can be very
witty. -TRUE 
They are cautious when making decisions, especially decisions that involve money. -FALSE
Not only are they good at saving money, but they also know how to make good investments. -FALSE
Their materialistic drive to amass wealth is due to a Capricorn's need for security. -TRUE
*Because they realise time is precious, they are great organisers and capable of paying thorough attention to detail.-FALSE
*Capricorns are the most likely sign to marry someone for their money or status in life. -FALSE
*They disregard everything else - family, friends, even their own emotions - while in pursuit of their goal. -FALSE
They are often focused on one thing at a time, ignoring all

 11 TRUE's and 1 FALSE's for Aquarius
4 TRUE's and 8 FALSE's for Capricorn

Guess I was born an Aquarius and I'll die an Aquarius.


  1. I am not too into astrology either, but I am still shocked about this! I was a Virgo, now I am a Leo. I read the Leo characteristics, and that is so me! But then I read the Virgo ones, and they are also a lot like me. So, I don't know, I guess it really doesn't matter!

  2. I don't believe that it can change... besides I heard it was only for eastern not western, so our stuff shouldn't change apparently.. I'm doing this on my blog as well