Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Just Easier

Kanin has a hockey game tomorrow morning that starts at 8:00am.  8:00am.  As in 8 in the morning!! This means that we will have to get up around 6:30 (on a Saturday) to get all three kids awake, fed, and to the rink so Kanin can get his gear on.  If it were just a practice then we wouldn't go but I HATE missing the actual games.  Not only do I love to watch him play but it is so cute because everytime his shift ends he will look over at me (Mama, Papa, and every other family member that came to watch) to make sure that we actually were paying attention to him being on the ice.  We always kind of give him a thumbs up.  It is really sweet because he wants to be tough but he loves that attention.

Anyway, back to the 6:30 in the morning stuff.  It will be no problem for Kanin to wake up at 6:30.  Heck, he sometimes wakes up at 6:00 on a school day.  There have been times where I have actually had to make that child go back to bed and wait until it is light outside.  Caleb is also pretty easy to wake up.  He is always in a good mood no matter what time of day.

The princess, though, she is a whole other story. She is a holy terror if she is woken from her slumber. IT. IS. BAD. So, in an effort to make my life as easy as possible in the morning . . .

I put them both to bed in the clothes that they will wear to hockey.  Of course, Caleb will need a diaper change but, other than that, they are ready to go.  Even if their shirts are wrinkled, they will each have on a coat inside the rink so no one will know and I will save myself 20 minutes of hassle in the morning.

Whatever it takes, right?

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  1. You are too funny. Is Caleb wearing a belt? Haha. How is the binkie removal going??

  2. HAHA I'm dying laughing!! Genius!!

  3. I have so done that before for crazy early mornings with a little one!