Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st Annual Christmas PJ, Cookie and Craft Night

Friday night we had some friends over for a night of crafting.  One of the blogs I read (again-I can't remember which one so if it is you, please let me know) had an Christmas PJ and ornament exchange a few weeks ago and I thought it was so cute that I decided to have everyone where their PJ's, too.

We started off decorating cookies.  Two of the moms, Sue and Anne, baked the cookies beforehand and we decorated them here.  My original intention was to have them roll out the dough and cut the cookies out but then we figured it would take a while to do that, cook the cookies, let them cool, etc.  We were dealing with 3 boys in our group and there was no way they would have been patient enough for all of that.

The boys got tired of decorating the cookies after 2 or 3 but the girls could have kept going all night.

Once everyone had had their fill of decorating (we only got through about 1 dozen), we cleaned up the mess and pulled out some picture frames to paint.  I got the picture frames at Michael's for $1/each.  I then bought three or four paints, some brushes and a bunch of cute Christmas stickers that were on clearance for $0.99/each.  I also bought one black and one white paint pen so they could write the year and their name on the frames.

Baby Caleb got in on the action, too, but he just painted a Christmas picture.

The finished work.  I think they came out great!

We had such a fun time.  The kids were great!  We had Christmas music in the background and the moms all brought snacks.  We "partied" until almost 1:00am.  What kind of playdate lasts that long?  LOL

Caleb was in heaven with his cookies.  Cookies are a rarity around here but since it is the holidays, I pretty much let them eat as many as they wanted to that night.

 Baby Annabelle was a big girl sitting up by herself.  Caleb tried to offer her some cookies but she doesn't have any teeth, yet.  Next year, though!

I definitely want to do this again next year.  The moms had fun and so did the kids.

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  1. What an adorable and fun idea...I have to do that next year...but no one will be staying up until 1:00 a.m. LOL

  2. I love the frames, i never have anywhere to those santa pics! looks like one fun night!

  3. Such a great idea. Wish I could come up with that kind of stuff!

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