Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Do I Torture Myself?

I woke up this morning and told my husband that I absolutely had to go to the mall today.  My mom has her Christmas this coming Sunday and I am no where near being done for it, let alone shopping for Scott's side and then my own family.  I had to go to the mall-end of story.

So, I got up this morning and got Kanin fed, dressed and drove him to school.  I came back and fed the two babies their breakfast and let Caleb take his morning nap.  Once he woke up, I hurriedly dressed everyone (including myself), threw the double stroller in the trunk and then realized that the babies' car seats weren't in our car.  My mom needed them this weekend while Scott and I were in Vegas and they had not been put back in the car.  I put Caleb down while installing his car seat.  Meanwhile, he decides to start tromping through the snow, falls in it and gets his pants wet.  Wet but not too wet.  Like, not wet enough for me to take him back inside and change his clothes wet.

Next, I put Grace's seat in but now she is trying to pull out her bicycle.  "No, you cannot ride your bike right now.  Get in the car."

By the way, it is 19 degrees here and snow everywhere.

We go to the mall and I got them inside, took off their coats and stuffed them down in the space beneath and took off.  Five minutes later a fight breaks out because I forgot that Caleb cannot ride in the back of the double stroller.  He pulls Gracie's hair which means that she starts screaming.  So I switch them around and put Caleb in the front and Gracie in the back.

I buy a couple of things and go in and out of stores and then realize that Santa Claus is in the middle of the mall.  (Yes, I know I should have known that but I wasn't thinking about it).  Of course, Grace starts crying that she wanted to see Santa Claus while I try to explain to her that our older brother, Kanin, also wants to see Santa so we have to wait and come back to visit with him.  Obviously, a three-year-old really doesn't care if her brother gets to see Santa Clause or not just as long as she does.  I finally diverted her attention by saying we were going to eat.

Of course, what does Grace want?  McDonald's.  What does the mall food court not have?  McDonald's.  I was able to find a place that served chicken fingers and she was happy with that. 

I get both kids out of the stroller, get a high chair pulled up to the table and throw Caleb in it.  He screams his head off because he thought getting out of the stroller meant freedom and not strapped into another chair.  I get out his apple juice and he is happy.  I turn my head to check on their order and when I turn back I see Grace's fruit punch drink spill all over the table and floor.  Caleb had apparently gotten his hands on it.  Grace starts crying "Oh, no.  Now I will never have anything to drink again."  I'm annoyed.  The lady comes and cleans it up.

Then, I got their food and was splitting it all up and blowing on it to cool it down when Grace says, "I think I probably have to go pee right now." 

"No, you can hold it until after you eat," I say.

"No, when I my pee-pee does this it means I have to go."

So, here I am with their food out on the table, Caleb in the high chair, the double stroller packed with our three coats and some packages and now Grace has to go to the bathroom.  So, I picked Caleb up, left our food on the table, told Grace to start walking and pushed the stroller with my other hand.  I would have left the stroller but it would be my luck that someone would steal the very few gifts I had actually gotten to buy.

Grace does her thing and we finally get back to the table and, once again, Caleb starts screaming because he doesn't want to go back into the high chair.  The food was already on the table, though, and I was able to bribe him with a bit of chicken finger.

By this time, all I could think about was "Why do I do this to myself?"  While they were eating, I ordered my Subway (it was the closest thing to our table) and finally got to eat. 

I have to be back at Kanin's school to pick him up by 3 and Grace still hasn't taken a nap.  Caleb can fall asleep in the stroller but she never will.  Gracie has to have her nap.  So, I decide to just pack them up and come on back home.

Of course, that isn't an easy task either.  Take them out of the stroller, hats, coats, gloves and back into the stroller.  Walk to the car, unlock the car, start the car, unlock the doors, pop the trunk, make Gracie get up in her seat, put Caleb in his seat.  Strap Caleb in, walk around to strap Gracie in, put packages in trunk, fold down stroller and throw it in the trunk.

Whew!  I am tired.  It is days like this that I really appreciate when Gaga goes shopping with us.

Why do I torture myself?  Because I have no choice.  These things have to be done.  I may have to do several of these one and two hour trips to ensure that I can get it all done.

I swear . . . next year I WILL start shopping early.


  1. HAHA I'm stressed just reading this! I hope you got a few things bought!

  2. You know???? Gracie would have fun at my house for a playdate!! Or both of them!! Hello? I do live right down the road! The girls would go upstairs to play, I could get my stuff done here, it would be great for them and you could get your shopping done!!

  3. Ahhh been there too! I've been dragging my kids all over, it's exhausting.

  4. Yikes! Maybe I should stop at 1! Just kidding - as insane as it was, I love the chaos. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm following now! Thanks for checking out my blog. I did find the t-shirt blanket instructions online. Just typed it into Google.