Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Finally Got It!

I started to do it again this year.  If you remember, I told you here about how I normally always did all of the Christmas decorating and considered the tree to be mine.  Here is my tree from 2009:

This year, though, I set out to let the kids help decorate and even made Christmas ornaments with them that we put on the tree.  But, I still wanted it to look just right.  I really didn't like this tree as much as the ones in the past.  I've always used the "candy decorations" for a smaller tree but pulled out my gold, silver, angels and snowflakes for my tree but I said I was going to let this tree be the kids tree and that's what was going to happen.  Yeah, right!

Here is my tree yesterday:

It is full of red and white ornaments, candy cane and gingerbread ornaments. 

I usually love this decor when it is on the smaller tree but I just wasn't in love with it on the big one. 

After reading SO MANY wonderful blogs of people so excited to put up their mismatched ornaments and ornaments they have collected during the years, I had to reprimand myself.  Who am I trying to impress?  It's not like Martha Stewart will be walking through my door.  So, off of tromped downstairs and brought up all of the ornaments I have collected through the years.  Some of them I couldn't use because they were broken but these are some of my favorites.

Our First Christmas-2006

Each year I buy ornaments for the kids for something that they are "in to" or a big event that happened that year.  Last year I got Kanin a school bus to signify him starting kindergarten.

Kanin's 2009 ornament 

 One of GracieAnn's 1st Christmas ornaments in 2007

 An ornament that Kanin made in preschool in 2007

I LOVE this ornament.  I've got to get another now to add my sweet baby Caleb.

Here is a picture of my tree after adding these ornaments.  You might not be able to tell a difference but I know that it is different.  It now holds some special memories.

Thanks for the wake up call all my blog friends!

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  1. It's beautiful AND full of special memories. A perfect combination!

  2. beautiful tree! Wow, glad I found your blog...such a cute family and precious tree :)


  3. Thanks for stopping by. I'm now following you back. You have a very beautiful tree!!

  4. That is so wonderful. I love mismatched, sentimental trees.