Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at Mama and Papa's

We kicked off the first of three Christmas celebrations yesterday at my mom and dad's house.  A few years ago we decided to change my parents' Christmas to the Sunday before Christmas Day.  Since both my sister and I are married with our own families and with in-laws we were hurrying from one place to the other and not really getting quality time anywhere.  By moving it to the Sunday before, we have a whole day devoted to just one part of the family.

All five grandchildren:  Alison, Aidan, Kanin, GracieAnn, & Caleb

Here is the grandchildren picture from last year.  Isn't it amazing how much bigger they are in just one year?

The Princess with her stocking.

Caleb can't believe that Mommy is letting him try this marshmallow candy.  That's a rarity in our house.

Aidan is obsessed with all things military.  He racked up!

Ali may be 11 but she still gets excited at Christmas.  Love the reaction to her new Abercrombie shirts.

We take turns opening presents.  We like to see all of the kids' reactions.

Gracie loved her teddy bear.  She slept with it last night.

Scott's turn to open a present.

Baby Caleb loves Spongebob right now.  

Love Gracie's reaction here.  She opened up a ladybug Pillow Pet.

Silly Aidan

Love it!

Here are the obligatory pajamas.  My mom, sister, & I all love getting pajamas!

Even my dad had a great reaction.  LOL 

We had a great time.  It sure does seem like it gets here and is over quickly, though.  Can't believe that we already have one celebration down.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful time...cherish those family moments :)

  2. Such great pictures, looks like a bang up celebration!

  3. You took some great pictures of your family!!! I love the reactions from the kids all the way to the grandparents! So cute!!!

    PS - I love getting PJ's for Christmas too! It's one of the presents I always look forward to each year!