Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 2010 in Pictures

(Sorry for the incredibly long post)
In January Caleb's personality really started to show.  The love that the two brothers had with each other was undeniable and very sweet.  Caleb was trying to sit up on his own but Mommy was still careful and put a pillow behind him in case he lost his balance.

Kanin and Gracie had fun putting on rock shows for us by using their Guitar Hero guitars.  Kanin started his last Learn to Play session.

Uncle Scott showed off his baking skills by making and decorating our great niece, Kenzie, her very 1st birthday cake.  He even made the icing from scratch!

Kanin got to decorate his first Valentine's Day box in kindergarten in February.

Kanin also started playing soccer in February.  Gaga was there to give him some pointers.  He also met his very first sports friend.

After practicing for a couple of weeks, Kanin had his first soccer game and he scored a goal!

We also had our annual Super Bowl party in February.  Mommy and Kanin sported our Bears gear while Caleb and GracieAnn wore Rams stuff.

Kanin had '50's day at school.  I think he looks like a little model in these pics.

Mommy took all three kids to the Dogtown St. Paddy's Day parade by herself!  (Crazy Mommy)  Mommy was in definite need of a green beer after tracking through the St. Louis Zoo with a double stroller and a six-year-old in tow!

Easter came and, of course, we had to have our matching outfits.  The kids aren't going to go for this matching too much longer so we will take full advantage of it now.  Trying to take pictures with three kids can sometimes be a comedy show.

We tried and tried to get a good picture of all of us.  We usually just pick the one where the most people are smiling at the camera.

Mommy and Daddy headed to Vegas to see Lionel Richie. 

Kanin lost his first tooth (naturally).  He had to have some teeth surgically removed when he was 4 but this tooth just came out the old-fashioned way.  It was a traumatic experience for him with all of the blood but then he realized that he wasn't hurt and was excited that the Tooth Fairy would visit.

Opening Day in St. Louis is a holiday.  Each year we go down early to the Busch Stadium and tailgate.  My sister got to go with me this year, too.

Kanin had his kindergarten Spring party in April.  We played games, made crafts, and had snacks.

Sweet little Annabelle Lily was born in May. 

We got to spend a lot of time at the ballpark, too.  All of my kids love Fredbird . . . so do Mommy and Daddy.

Caleb was really starting to pull up and get into everything. 
My precious great nephew, Ian David, was born.

Kanin took swimming lessons.

The kids had so much fun playing on our new waterslide.

Kanin got out of school in June.  The last day of school there was a parade in which all of the grade levels walked together and cheered.  Kanin goes into the school for the last time as a kindergartener.

We were so excited for Kanin to be done with Learn to Play hockey and to move on to Instructional League.  Kanin is the one with the white helmet.

We took GracieAnn to the mall to meet Dora the Explorer.

Caleb started eating all table food and bottle in July.

GracieAnn and Caleb's birthdays are two days apart.  Gaga made both of the cakes for their combined birthday party.

In August our niece, Alison, turned 11.  She helped my sister make the cupcakes.

We had a going away party for our nephew, Paul.  He is currently in Afghanistan with the Marines.  Caleb really took to Paul while he was here on leave and they became fast buddies.

Kanin started 1st grade in August.  Mommy got up and made him a special breakfast and even had a #1 candle for him to blow out.

Kanin was so excited that first day of school.  Mommy was sad.

A successful day!

Our great nephew, Ben, turned 3 in September.  His mom made him a train cake.  She did a great job!

Mommy and Daddy went to see Dave Matthews at Wrigley Field in Chicago.  We went with our friends, Tony and Janice.  It was such a great show and we had a blast. 

A couple of days after Dave Matthews, the family headed to Disney World.  Although stressful at times, we made such great memories.  Gracie still asks me every single day when we are going back to Disney World. 

October brought us the Pumpkin Patch, pumpkin carving and Halloween.

Even Mama and Papa got in on the dress up action.


Kanin had his first "friend" birthday party this year at Great Skate.

We had Thanksgiving at our house and it was wonderful.  Lots of family, food and football.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving Day is our Elf on the Shelf, Chucky, comes back from the North Pole.


Our nephew, Aidan, turned 8 and had his birthday at the bowling alley.  He had a fantastic cake.  Aidan loves all military stuff.

We went to see Santa Claus and had a PJ, Cookie, and Craft Party with our friends.

We had our own family craft night, too.

Mommy and Daddy ended the year heading back to Las Vegas to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds with our friends, Janice and Jason.

We celebrated at Deb and Dave's.

We celebrated at our house.

We had a great 2010.  We grew, we learned, we had fun.  We are so excited to see what 2011 brings us!