Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To Find Other Blogs

I am so excited to share with you guys this site I found this morning.  Ever since I have started blogging I have wondered how in the world you find other blogs to read.  I knew about the "Next" button up in the top corner but it always take me to blogs that I could care less about. 
This morning I stumbled onto this site called For the Love of BloggingOn Saturdays they have this thing called "Weekend Wanderer" (click on the above link).  You can look and look at other blogs until your heart's content.

It is a blog dedicated to other blogs.  Love it!  All you do is go up to the top where it says "Blogs We Love" and Follow it.  Then go down to the Linky at the bottom and put in your blog's information.  Then just click and read.  If you find a blog you like, then Follow them and comment.  If not, just close it and move on.  I am having such a good time looking at all of the different blogs out there!


  1. I had the same trouble when I first started blogging. I finally found some great blog hops, and that really got me going!

  2. Yay April, so glad you found the site and are enjoying it!