Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Obsessions according to Yahoo!

While getting ready to check my Yahoo! mail I saw one of those little scrolling updates along the bottom that caught my attention:  "The Year's Top 10 Obsessions."  Now, I know that I am a mom of three and thirty-something but I still feel like I've got it going on.  I'm hip.  I'm cool.  I'm . . . showing my age.  Anyway, I figured I'd take a look at the list to see how many of them I was "obsessed" with or even cared about a little.

#10 Stieg Larson's "The Girl"

I've got to be honest and say that I have never heard of it.  So, I clicked on the link and said, "Oh no, not that book".  I have been trying to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo since our Disney World trip in September!  I just cannot get into it.  I will read a few pages and then put it away for a week and then have to go back and read a couple of the pages that I previously read just to remember where I am in the story.  I was at the hair salon last week and I took it with me.  The lady sitting next to me asked me how I liked the book.  When I told her my trouble with it she started to laugh and said that she had the same problem.  She told me that the second book is a whole lot better.  I hope she is right!

#9 Silly Bandz

I absolutely know what these things are.  Who would have thought that rubber bands would turn into such a craze?  If you have school-aged children then I am sure they have either brought them home or begged you for them at the store.  I have never heard so much fighting over a $.05 piece of rubber in my life . . . "He has a penguin and I don't."  Ugh!!  All I can say is whoever though these things up has made a lot of $$.

#8 Tea Party

I have heard of the Tea Party and I know that they have had rallies throughout the country, but I'm not a political person and I really haven't paid that much attention to it.  In my opinion, 99% of the politicians are crooked anyway and my opinion really doesn't make that much of a difference.

#7 Bedbugs

Ok, this is just gross.  I did hear some talk about a bedbug problem in New York but I didn't really pay attention to it.

#6 Facebook
Well, if there is one thing on this list that I can say that I am obsessed with then it is Facebook.  I LOVE it!  I love that I have gotten in contact with old childhood friends.  I love that I can see what people are doing throughout the day.  I love that I can look at people's pictures and, let's face it, don't we all in some little way love to watch the trainwreck of drama that occurs on there?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Facebook!

#5 Jersey Shore
This one I just do not get.  I have some friends that are obsessed with Jersey Shore and I just cannot understand why.  I mean they had season debut watch parties in which they dressed up like them (that part sounds like fun) and talk about them all of the time.  I kept seeing GTL on Facebook when the season started and I had to keep asking what in the world they were talking about.  (In case you don't watch it means Gym, Tan, Laundry . . .I still don't know what that means).  I tried to watch it one night to see what the hype was about and after 5 minutes I just could not take it anymore.  It is like the Real World meets foul-mouthed, porn city or something.  Just not for me but I understand it is a guilty pleasure for some, Kimberly;)
#4 Glee
This show I do get all of the hype.  These actor/singers are incredibly talented.  My friend, Sue, has told me to watch the show ever since it first started but I always forget!  I finally caught it one night and it was really, really good.  I didn't really follow the storyline or the characters but the singing was amazing!

#3 iPad

The iPad is amazing!  My Hottie Scottie got me one for our anniversary and I cannot say enough about it.  I can download movies, games, books, magazines, check e-mail and Facebook, etc. etc.  You have never played Angry Birds until you have played it on the iPad.  The only thing is after using it when I go back to the iPhone the phone seems tiny.  I know, tough life, right?

#2 Lindsay Lohan
I'm not really sure why Lindsay Lohan would be one of the top 10 obsessions of the year other than people just like to see others in trouble.  This girl has so much promise and potential but clearly has a lot of demons she is dealing with.  I hope she can get her act together.
#1 iPhone

 I remember when the iPhone first came out and how it was mind-blowing with all of its capabilities.  If you had an iPhone back then that meant you had spent a lot of money on it.  Now, it seems like everyone has some type of smart phone.  This year's obsession is the iPhone 4.  It does look really cool and I love the video capability but, alas, my iPhone 3 just turned 1 in November so I won't be getting it any time soon.

So, there you have it folks.  Were you obsessed with any of these things?  To find out what Yahoo! had to say, click on this link Obsessions of 2010 to read their opinions.


  1. I totally get the Facebook, I am obsessed with it too! Oh and Jersey Shore. LOVE it! GTL is what the guys do. They always have to get their gym, tan, and laundry on to get the ladies! They have to keep up on their appearance! Now Glee I just cannot get into, and I am not sure why.

  2. I love this post! I'm a Kindergarten teacher and wish I had thought of Silly Bandz. And, I'm so jealous of your ipad!

  3. Love the Post! All the kids in our Sunday School class at church LOVE Silly bands!