Friday, December 31, 2010

Blogging Taboo Questions

I have a ton of questions when it comes to blogs and blogging.  While I am not necessarily new to blogging, I really want to try to focus energy on blogging in 2011.

So, for all of my blog friends out there, would you answer some questions for me?

#1 Blogger or Word press?  Which is better and why?

#2 How do you get these products that you review?

#3 How do  you or are you making money through your blog?  Are there any scams to look out for?

#4 I do not want this blog to be a giveaway/review blog.  I don't mind to throw one in there every now and then but I want this blog to focus on my family and random thoughts.  Sooo . . . should I start a separate blog for those things?

#5 Are there any sites, books, manuals, classes, etc that you have taken to help you with your blog?

#6 Any advice you can give me?

Like I said, I don't know if it is taboo or not to talk about such things but I would really like to contribute (money-wise) to the household this year and I am having a heck of a time learning how or what to do.

Thanks for all of your help and support!


  1. Happy New Year!!

    I'll give a go at the questions! ;-)

    1. Most everyone is going to say Wordpress and the conferences I have been to have said Wordpress. It's more customizable. I am going to stay with Blogger though because it's FREE and I'm used to it. I don't like change! ;-)

    2. I email companies that I like and ask them if they are interested in doing a review. Lately, I will get companies that email me. There are a lot of groups and communities that you can join and will pitch you!

    3. I make money through advertisers that pay me monthly, plus affiliates like ShareASale. Not really any scams, but don't pay anyone else $$$!

    4. If you want to become a part of BlogHer Ad Network, they will require you to have a separate review/giveaway blog, so definitely something to think about!

    5. If there are any conferences that are near you, go! They are so helpful! BlogFrog is helpful, and you can ask anything on Twitter!

    6. Your blog looks great! ;-)

  2. I have a question for you!
    How do you customize your navigation bar?
    Home About Me Blogs i <3...etc., how do you add an image and make them clickable links?